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Kermit The Frog Misspoke

I remember hearing Kermit The Frog sing his hit song entitled “It Isn’t Easy Being Green” it was a heart breaking song to hear him sing back then. Now a days the big buss word is “Green” people are flocking to find ways to become as “Green” as possible and I’m loving it. My parents were from the 70’s era and were totally into the hippie and Woodstock scene. They brought us kids up trying our best to recycle and not abuse our Mother Earth, which we all embraced and learned from.

I think that today, more than ever, it IS EASY being green!

Turning out the lights

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

My sister and I have been talking about our energy providers a lot recently and trying to decide if we want to go green. We were using Stream Energy Comparison to see how much her provider differed. We both thought that making more green decisions would be harder than it is. Everyone keeps talking about going green, but really I did not know what people meant when they said it. It just sounded like a catch phrase to me. I think it started with my sister always following me room to room and turning all the lights off. I thought it was annoying at first, but she explained to me that we should conserve energy and lights were a part of that. She convinced me we needed to do it with the lights, the water and even with how much trash we threw away. Now the next step for us is choosing a provider that will allow us to keep saving energy and making green decisions. My sister says that no matter who the provider, it really comes down to decisions like turning out the light.