Color infused orchids

Today I was shopping at Wal-Mart and saw some beautiful bright cobalt blue orchids for sale for around $25.00. I had never seen such beautiful flowers in my life! I just HAD to buy them! I was sorely disappointed when I got home and was getting around to reading the little plastic tag that was stuck inside the pot that explained that the orchids had been “color infused” and that even though they will rebloom, the future bloomings will not be the pretty blue color that attracted me to the flowers in the first place – they will be white or purple. I think that is kinda sleazy, don’t you?

I wonder if I can learn how to color-infuse orchids myself.

One thought on “Color infused orchids

  1. Linda Bradshaw

    I saw those myself yesterday, and was very tempted to buy them. I didn’t buy them because I was afraid that my cats would destroy them, and then I’d be really upset. Now that I’ve read your post about how they won’t bloom again in the blue color, I’m glad that I didn’t buy them.

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