When Labeling Is a Good Thing

While we try our best not to label one another, our personal belongings are a different story – especially clothing. Clothing labels can be extremely handy in a wide variety of situations. Read on to find out how the humble label can make life easier at any age.

Babies and Young Children

• Blankets and towels – You and your baby may know which blanket or towel is your little one’s favorite but does anyone else? Even if you’re only stepping out of the house long enough to grab a package of diapers, having that favorite comfort item labeled will help make it easier for a caregiver to grab the right blankie pronto.
• Pillows and stuffed animals – If your young child is in daycare or preschool, nap time will go a lot more smoothly if their pillow and stuffed animal are labeled. Clothing labels are an easy solution for otherwise difficult to label items.

School Aged Kids and Adults

• Uniforms – Whether it’s a PE uniform for school or a pair of scrubs for work, having your particular uniform labeled makes it much easier to know which item of identical clothing is yours. This is especially true if your school or employer uses a laundry service. Labels help prevent mixups.
• Camp – Don’t send your kid to camp without having every item of clothing labeled. In a situation with communal laundry service, labeling is crucial to avoid lost items. Even when adults go camping, it’s a good idea to have your name – and possibly phone number – on any clothing items that may get lost along the way.


• Day care and nursing homes – Just as labeling clothing and personal items was important for youngsters in care, it’s also important for seniors. For seniors who aren’t able to take care of their own laundry, clothing labels are a must.