Always have a spare

Whether you have been a professional musician for many years, or just starting out, having spare equipment available as back-up in case your “main” equipment suddenly becomes available is always a smart idea. With a little bit of research, one does not have to spend a lot of money on that spare equipment, however. Sometimes you can find really good used equipment through newspapers, or even find new equipment like an affordable amp online using shopping browsers.

It’s nice to know

A few weeks ago a customer came into the store and was talking to us about how her son-in-law was suffering from welts all over his body. I asked her a few questions about the situation and suggested that it might be bed bugs. The pharmacist intervened and insisted that it couldn’t be bed bugs. Well, we conversed for quite a while and I recommended that the customer spend some time on the Internet and look up bed bugs.

Tonight the customer came into the store and looked me up. She reminded me that she was the lady who had talked to me about the bed bugs, and she came into the store to tell me that I was right! I sure wish that the pharmacist was working today that had insisted that it couldn’t be bed bugs! He’s working tomorrow, and I will be sure to tell him that I was right! It’s nice to know that there are customers that will come back in and let us know in cases like this! And it’s always nice to know that I was right!

Lifts Lifts and More Lifts

A couple of years ago we bought one of those “put it together yourself” kits that resulted in a large garage in our back yard. My husband has been filling it with classic cars and motorcycles and all kinds of tools. We already have a car lift permanently installed in one of the bays. He uses it a lot, and he likes to brag to his friends about it, and he offers to his friends the opportunity to come use the lift if they need to work on their own cars.

Lately I’ve been hearing him talking about getting a motorcycle lift, too. I guess it makes sense to have one if he is going to be working on motorcycles a lot. In the interest of helping him to do some comparison shopping (always looking for ways to help him out when it comes to shopping around and hopefully saving some money) I sent him the link that I found online.

Evenings are for relaxing

We bought a couple of park benches to place under the oak tree. I like to sit under the oak and watch the sun go down, although sitting there to watch the sun come up would be a nice change. The benches are a good spot to sit with my dogs, too. They can stay right beside me and keep me company, or they can run around the yard chasing squirrels. Either way, we are all happy to spend the time outdoors together.

Outdoor Living

The best part of Spring and Summer is all the time we get to spend outdoors. We have a huge backyard and a lot of front yard, too. The front is mostly grass and few shrubs around the front porch. We have a couple of Adirondack chairs on the front porch for when we want to sit out on the porch and watch the cows across the street at my neighbors farm.

But the backyard is where I really like to spend my time. We have two nice picnic tables in the back for when we have family or friends come over and barbecue.

The grill is my favorite appliance in the summer – I could cook on the grill every night, and eating outside on the picnic table while the sun sets is my idea of a very nice evening at home.