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July 17, 2014
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I want a pair of nice headphones

Nice headphones (photo musician's friend website)

Nice headphones (photo musician’s friend website)

Over the past several years, I have been putting up with cheap headphones that hurt my head. I have put off buying some new, nice headphones because I’ve been trying to budget my money and save every dime to help pay down some of our credit card debt. When my friend Kelly told me that she got a new pair recently for under $30 that were lightweight and comfortable, I asked her where she had purchased them. She sent me the link to the website, and now I’m thinking about ordering a pair, too. But, I’m thinking about going over to Kelly’s house and try hers on first to see for myself how much I like them. I don’t want to buy a new pair and be unhappy with them. Returning things can be a real drag, you know what I mean?

July 11, 2014
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Water conservation

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested in conservation. Not just conserving energy, but conserving wildlife, and conserving the environment. I can remember going on field trips while in elementary school to places that taught the importance of conservation, and I was very impressed by it all. That’s one reason why I’ve become interested in rain harvesting as a way to conserve water.

I think that if enough people used a rain water barrel to collect rain and use it to water their gardens, that we would not have as many drought-related water restriction days during the summer.  I’ve seen quite a few really nice rain barrels on the market lately; some just look like fancy planters and actually make the outside of the house look nice! So you can conserve water and look good doing it too!

July 5, 2014
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Trolling for fashion

I’ve noticed that since I’ve been working in the pharmacy that I’ve taken a larger active interest in the clothes and jewelry that I wear to work. I don’t want to spend a lot of money, but most of the clothes that I have been wearing around the house just won’t do where I work.

So I’ve been taking a look for comfortable, yet trendy clothes and jewelry to wear to work. And if I can find eologically friendly clothes and jewelry to buy as well, then I’m all for that, too! One of the things that I have to keep in mind, though, is that since I have to wear a lab coat, that most customers won’t even see most of what I wear. So I’m trying to focus on comfort for the clothes, but I definitely want to make a fashion statement on the jewelry!

June 29, 2014
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Needed a jeweler

About ten days ago I bought a couple of pretty bracelets from Ebay. They were identical, and I loved them. The only problem was that they were both two large for my slender wrists. Having only started working in town a few months ago, I had no idea where I could find a local jeweler to help me out. I wanted to take a couple of links out of one bracelet and put them in the other so that I’d have a matching set of a bracelet and an anklet.

I asked the other girls at work where we kept the local yellowpages book, but when they pulled it out from under the counter I saw that the book was over six years old! I don’t think it was exactly up to date on which local businesses were still up and running! One of the ladies told me that there was a jeweler in the shopping center across town, but when I drove past it on my way home tonight I saw that the jeweler had gone out of business. So I’m going to try to find one online. I’m tired of wasting my time trying to find a jeweler!

June 23, 2014
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