Recording software

My girlfriend Darlene has asked me if I would help her to record herself singing some songs to a karaoke track. I asked her if she meant just record her singing, using my video camera, or my cell phone, and she said no, she wanted a professional recording to send to an agent. I started to look around online for a place to buy some recording software for beginners to learn more about it, and to be perfectly honest, I think that my helping her with this is way over my head! I’m going to suggest that she ask a guy that I know that teaches music in town – I heard that he has a recording studio in his home.

Daylight Savings Time

2am clock

2am clock

There have been so many stories online and on television about Daylight Savings Time, and why the United States changes the clocks back and forth. Common misperception is that it somehow benefits the farmers. My grandfather is a farmer, and he always ignored the changing of the clocks. He used to say that the livestock needs to be fed the same time every day, and the cows need to be milked the same time every day, and they don’t understand, or care, about our stupid clocks!

I understand at some point in time some people who were supposed to be smart declared that it would save energy, but the reality is that it does NOT save energy at all. And research has indicated that people get their bodies so out-of-whack with the clocks changing that they get into more accidents, and that ends up costing more money on healthcare, and missed work!

I think it is time we stopped changing the clocks back and forth! How can we get that changed?

Acoustic Shield

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like having neighbors living above me, or under me. No matter how much everyone tries to be quiet, so as to not disturb the neighbors, we can, and do, hear each other walking around, and talking. I have put insulation in the ceilings and floors throughout the house, and carpeted the rooms, but we still hear each other! I decided to go to the musicans friend website and see if they sell any products that would help with this problem. I’m not sure that they have any products that can help me in this situation, but I did see some interesting things. For example they sell something that they call an “acoustic shield” that can be used as a music stand, but also doubles as a way to project the sound of the music towards the audience. This shield can also be used to deflect the loud music away from the musician for his/her protection! I think that is pretty neat, and I wonder how effectively it does what it is supposed to do!

Valentine’s Day

I thought it was rather outrageous that the stores raised the prices on Valentine’s Day gifts, cards, and candy the actual week of Valentine’s Day. It was as if the stores are taking advantage of the “last minute” folks who rush out to buy their stuff on Valentine’s Day itself.

I have to admit that I never saw such a huge crowd around the card section of the store today! I guess the folks at the store knew what they were doing by raising the prices for this week! I think that is predatory pricing, but who am I to judge?