How many strings does a bass guitar have?

All of my life I thought that all bass guitars only had four strings. I can remember my father tuning his bass guitar, singing “My dog has fleas” has he plucked each of the four strings. So I was quite surprised recently to learn that some bass guitars have five, or even six strings! I learned that when Ron told me that he needed to get a set of bass vi strings to have as spare strings on hand. I asked him if he would demonstrate his six-string bass guitar to me, and he told me I’d have to come to one of his performances! He doesn’t even play around here, so that’s not likely to happen! What a Goober!

Easiest cake ever

Easiest Cake Ever

Easiest Cake Ever

Tonight I decided to warm up the ham that we bought for Easter that didn’t get used on Easter, and cook up some Potatoes AuGratin (thank you Betty Crocker) and serve up some peas and fresh baked french bread. For dessert I fixed a cake that I only fix once in a rare while – it is called the easiest cake ever.

To make it you take one box of angel food cake and open it up and dump it into a 13 x 9 pan. Then you open a large can of crushed pineapple, open it, and dump it into the pan. You stir the two ingredients together (it gets foamy which is kinda cool) and then bake it for 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven. It is wonderful hot or cold, and I like to serve it with whipped cream or ice cream and with some strawberry flavored ice cream topping drizzled over the top.

The supper was yummy! There are enough leftovers of the ham and the cake for another meal, I think I’ll make noodles for that meal.

Recording software

My girlfriend Darlene has asked me if I would help her to record herself singing some songs to a karaoke track. I asked her if she meant just record her singing, using my video camera, or my cell phone, and she said no, she wanted a professional recording to send to an agent. I started to look around online for a place to buy some recording software for beginners to learn more about it, and to be perfectly honest, I think that my helping her with this is way over my head! I’m going to suggest that she ask a guy that I know that teaches music in town – I heard that he has a recording studio in his home.

Daylight Savings Time

2am clock

2am clock

There have been so many stories online and on television about Daylight Savings Time, and why the United States changes the clocks back and forth. Common misperception is that it somehow benefits the farmers. My grandfather is a farmer, and he always ignored the changing of the clocks. He used to say that the livestock needs to be fed the same time every day, and the cows need to be milked the same time every day, and they don’t understand, or care, about our stupid clocks!

I understand at some point in time some people who were supposed to be smart declared that it would save energy, but the reality is that it does NOT save energy at all. And research has indicated that people get their bodies so out-of-whack with the clocks changing that they get into more accidents, and that ends up costing more money on healthcare, and missed work!

I think it is time we stopped changing the clocks back and forth! How can we get that changed?