Convenient Alternatives to Traditional Burials

You’ve never been crazy about the idea of being buried. Despite the fact that you’ll no longer be alive, you can’t stand the thought of your remains rotting in the ground. Fortunately, there are a number of convenient alternatives to traditional burials, many of which are actually more affordable than being buried. If the prospect of being buried makes your skin crawl, you’ll be pleased to learn that your options are far from limited.


Cremation is undeniably the most popular and cost-effective alternative to traditional burial. This process entails burning remains and preserving the ashes. Once the ashes have been collected, those who were close to the deceased can either keep them in an urn or scatter them across an area specified by the dearly departed. Some people wish to have their ashes tossed into the ocean or left in a place that was special to them, whereas others want them scattered across numerous locales and landmarks.

When looking for the right cremation service, it pays to do your homework. For best results, limit your options to places that offer a colorful assortment of urns for ashes, affordable funeral services and convenient cremation packages. Additionally, the right cremation service will employ grief counselors to help clients come to terms with their loss.


Somewhat similar to cremation, promession, or “freeze-drying,” is gradually starting to gain recognition as a viable method of corpse-disposal. This process entails immersing bodies in liquid nitrogen, thus making them extremely brittle. The bodies are then placed in a vacuum chamber, where they are shaken apart by powerful vibrations. Assorted fillings and implants are then filtered out, and the powdered remains are placed in a shallow grave. Over time, water and oxygen will fuse with the remains and subsequently form compost.

Space Burial

If you’ve always been fascinated by the idea of space exploration, a space burial may be right up your alley. After being freeze-dried or cremated, there are a number of ways your remains can be launched into orbit. Numerous companies specialize in sending remains into space, and prices vary depending on the company and package type.

No one likes to think about dying, much less how their remains are going to be handled, but there will one day come a point at which it can’t be helped. These days, an increasing number of people are shying away from traditional burials – and for good reason. Not only are many of the readily-available alternatives less costly, they’re far less squirm-inducing. If burial isn’t for you, consider cremation, promession or space burial.


Fantasy kitchen

Have you ever dreamed of having the perfect fantasy kitchen? I do, all of the time! I’d love to have custom made cabinets with customized kitchen spice racks in it. I love the spice racks that hide inside cabinets that swing out to give up the goodies that are hiding deep inside. I think that they are just about the most clever spice rack ever designed!

In my current kitchen, there are cabinets on all of the walls so there is no way that I could have a wall spice rack in my kitchen; I’d have to go with the kind that mount on pantry doors or hide inside drawers. Right now I have a lazy susan inside my pantry that holds most of my spices. I hate to admit that it is overflowing a little bit.

In my fantasy kitchen, I’d have at least three times the room size, and two food prep areas. I’d have hanging pot racks and a double oven in a wall. I’d have two kitchen sinks, and one of those microwave ovens that keep your food refrigerated until it is time to cook it, and then automatically cooks it. If I had one of those, I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven!

Dress code

No one at work follows the dress code. No one. So I was quite annoyed when my boss told me that I could not continue to wear cargo shorts to work. He said that shorts are against the dress code. He said that they are too short, even though they go down to my knees. The other ladies wear capris (which are technically shorts) and that is OK, but cargo shorts are not. I was annoyed because the customer only sees me from the waist up most of the time!

I don’t like capris on me. I think I look stupid in them. But I’ve bought a few to wear to work; it is just too hot sometimes for me to wear slacks in the pharmacy. But you know what? I’m going to start wearing dresses and skirts too – they are allowed at work, and they are not as warm as slacks. Too bad that they are shorter than my shorts! The dress codes does not limit the length of a skirt or dress! I wonder what my boss will say when he sees the new dress that I just bought on my last day off!

Getting Showy

Showrooms have been used throughout the modern marketing era as a way of displaying everything from cars to furniture, appliances and apparel. The most famous and well regarded showrooms in the world dot different corners of the globe, from the Champs Elysees in Paris to 5th Avenue in New York. The advantages of using a showroom are obvious. Products are put out for the public to see and establish a brand for a company.

Of course, companies are always looking for a new place to demonstrate their stock, whether they’re looking to buy a street facing car showroom or lease a permanent textile showroom in New York. What never changes is the need to find a place to show off a product, and there’s never a better way than by getting customers face to face with what you’re selling.

Showrooms are even entering the future through new, augmented reality demonstrations. Car producers recently let people use apps and 3D technology to walk around their showroom, finding information on different cars, wheel designs, and air flow. This is only the latest way that companies have taken their product out of the warehouses and into the public eye. A showroom is always the best, most visible to demonstrate your creation.

Looking After My Mother

I’m so proud of my mother, since my father passed she seems to be holding up so very well, she is, and always has been my hero. Not too many daughters can say that about their mother. I do worry about her each and every day. I’m sure that she will be with us for a long time, but she certainly isn’t a “spring chicken” if you know what I mean. I try and get over to her house as often as I can and help her out around the place. It is a lot for her to keep up with all by herself and all and my other sisters do what they can as well.

We are currently trying to encourage her to purchase a new address plaque for the front porch. The one that is there now is so old and faded that we are concerned that if she needed any type of emergency assistance that they wouldn’t be able to read it and it could delay any type of help that they could offer her. We have all heard how important it is to have your address plaques and numbers in good order for just this type of reason. And I’m sure that the pizza delivery people would like to be able to read the address sign as well it is hard to read, especially at night and lord knows that my mother likes her pizza nice and hot upon delivery, me too. Putting it into the microwave to re heat it is just nasty.

I think that I will go online and start looking at home address plaques and see if I can come up with some suggestions to show her and possibly get the ball rolling that way. I love my mother and want to keep her around for as long as possible and I hope she knows that.