Always Looking for Hot Deals

hot deals (free clip art)

hot deals (free clip art)

Having lived most of my adult live on the edge of not having enough money to pay the bills, I have become quite a frugal shopper. I am always clipping coupons, and prowling around for
Hot Deals on the items that I want and need. Now that Christmas shopping season is near, I have started my prowling, and have already ordered a few things from Amazon for certain family members (who shall remain nameless) that should be arriving in the next couple of days. I just hope that I am home, and that they are not, when the delivery arrives so I can squirrel them away in my special hidey-hole for Christmas gifts!


Blast from the past – this is an old post from five years ago – I just read it and had to laugh!

Original date sometime in 2009:

I bought a new computer and just now realized that there is no place on the hard drive part to insert my old floppy disk. So all those files I so religiously backed up are not able to be used on this new computer! What’s up with that?

Health Insurance Questions

I was so annoyed with my sister Penny when she told me that she never did get around to signing up for the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance! From what I understand, the people that did not sign up for it by January First were going to end up paying some kind of penalty in the future! I strongly encouraged her to check out and see if she can find some place online to find out if it is too late now to sign up, what the penalties might be for having missed the deadline, and if there is any way to have the penalty lifted, or forgiven.

All that glitters

I have to admit that I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to dealing with the money in my 401K and IRA. I know that it is a good idea to have them, to help provide for financial security when I finally reach retirement age. But I thought that these accounts had to be stocks and bonds. It was only recently that I discovered that I could have a gold IRA investment as well.

The next time my investment counselor calls me I’m going to ask him about IRA gold, and whether I should put some into my account.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure at this point if I have a 401k or an IRA! I just remember a few months ago doing a rollover from a 401k plan. So I guess I’ll need to ask him about 401k gold too.

I know he is always talking about diversification, but lately I’ve been leaning towards the conservative side. My head starts to hurt just thinking about it!

Silly Memes

A friend is sending around a meme that asks all kinds of silly questions. I think most of them are too personal and I’m actually suspicious of some of them. They seem to ask the type of questions that software programs ask for security tests. Like when you forget the password. So I’m not going to answer the meme questions.  Call me paranoid, but I don’t think it is smart to put all that personal infromation out there.