New saxophone

Dean has been talking about checking out the selection of new saxophones at the music store the next time we go to the mall. He’s been putting aside a little bit of money every week from his paycheck, hoping to save enough to buy a new one before the year is over. We’ve found that sometimes the best time to buy things like this is during the Christmas shopping season – there are a lot of good sales on just about everything because all of the retailers are competing very hard with each other for the Holiday shopper’s money.

I would love to know what it sounds like

Recently I discovered a drum called a cyclone drum. It is supposed to sound like a storm. I’ve been trying to find out for myself (as in actually hear it for myself) because I thought that buying a cyclone drum by schalloch would be a cute little Christmas gift for my pre-teen nephew that seems to enjoy using everything in the world as a percussion instrument. The little drum is under $15. Maybe I’ll just buy it and give it to him and hear what it sounds like when he opens it at Christmas.

Getting reviews on YouTube is a good idea

When Randy told me that he was thinking about buying a micromark amp I suggested that he go to YouTube and see if he could find any reviews or overviews, or demonstrations, on the amp. I have found a lot of times when I am thinking about purchasing something that is not covered by Consumer Reports that there might be videos on YouTube about the product that can be very helpful. Here is an overview I found on the amp that Randy is thinking about getting.

Thanksgiving schedule

Angry girl (free clip art)

Angry girl (free clip art)

Since I only work part time I don’t get paid holidays, and I don’t get overtime or holiday pay. So I find it annoying when I am scheduled to work on a holiday – I am paid straight time. The full time employees would get paid double time if they worked a holiday! I don’t think should be legal! I think anyone who works on a holiday should get paid double time, don’t you?

I’m sure you realize that I am ranting about this because I am scheduled to work for Thanksgiving, but will only be getting straight pay for it! I feel cheated.

And your little dog, too

wizard of oz (free clip art)

wizard of oz (free clip art)

Guest post written by Tammy Smith

To say that my aunt likes the movie “Wizard of Oz” would be a gross understatement. She’s actually obsessed and will do anything to buy items in any way related to the movie.

That makes it the easiest, yet the hardest task to buy presents for her birthday, which just happens to be soon. She has almost every kind of memorabilia that exists and that’s what people know to buy her for gifts. Some of her collections include all kinds of figurines, snow globes, afghans and T-shirts. Most of it is in the living room and it’s crazy to see how she’s positioned all of it in there perfectly. It almost makes you afraid to sit down or touch anything.

So after I got my new satellite internet packages I decided to just do my entire gift hunt online instead of going to the mall like I have in the past. I found a set of coasters and I knew she didn’t have movie-themed coasters so I bought them on the internet and had them shipped to my house.